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All over itching, Rash, Red and dry sore skin

Hi, my husbands skin is constantly itching. He was diagnosed with eczema as a child and had the usual patches on the backs of his legs and elbow creases. The last 12 months have been hell for him his skin is dry and covered in red bumps that constantly itch and make him scratch till he bleeds. Hes had patch testing for and out of 45 patches only nickel came back as positive. He covers him self in Aveeno twice a day as well as steroid creams. Nothing helps other than a scolding shower. He cant have baths as hi skin drives him crazy after. Hes been given antihistamines by the Doc that dont work, Anti biotics for the open wounds and every emolliant going. He washes with Dermol shower gel so no perfumes. Hes also tried homepathic creams such as calendula but they dont help either. He gets no release from the itching. Has anyone got any advice please.

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I have had similar problems, But putting a Steroid based ointment in my case Metosyn or Dermovate and a new antihistamine, Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 180mg 30 pcs my rashes have reduced as has the itching. I used to tear myself apart. My test had similar results except my allergy was Chrome (?) and certain colour dyes (Blue Denim in particular) I have stopped wearing Jeans and my leg rashes have improved.


Hello Stacej1,

I really feel for your husband, and for you too, it's awful to watch someone go through this.

I've listened to many doctors talk about our health problems and I believe there are a few basic problems with the way we live today.

Firstly, we're bombarded by toxins, they're everywhere, in the air we breathe, our food, water, clothes, medication, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and of course EMFs are really harming us also.

Then there are the deficiencies, the food we eat is devoid of nutrients because of modern farming methods. Years ago our fruit and vegetables were full of goodness, now they have little nutrients and lots of chemicals. I'm doing my family tree and I'm amazed at how long many of my ancestors lived. I used to believe that people died very young, before they reached 50, but while some did, most of mine lived well into their 70s, 80s and even some in their 90s. I realise why though, they might have had a harder life than we have, but what little food they did have had some goodness in it, they didn't have the pollutants that we have today and they were probably happier than we are.

All of this puts our immune system under too much pressure and if it's not getting everything it needs to do what it needs to do something has to give, that's why we get sick.

Now to the solutions;

I've just bought a shower head that has a filter in it, it reduces some of the nasties, like chlorine, eventually I want to get Structured Water filters for all over the house, but this will do for now.

Next get rid of as many cleaning chemicals as possible, I use citric acid to get rid of my limescale, in the bathroom, kitchen sink, kettle, anywhere there's limescale, t's brilliant and doesn't smell. Apart from that I use soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and lemon juice most of the time, although I will sometimes use very little bleach or Zoflora if it's really needed, I find those natural products clean very well.

Toilet bomb recipe;

8 parts Baking soda

2 part citric acid

1 part washing up liquid

Mix well, make into cubes using ice cube tray and leave to dry for 2 hours. I would imagine we just have to find a container to store them in. Try to get natural toothpaste, fluoride is very bad for us. You can find recipes online using coconut oil, bicarb, even oil of oregano, which must always be diluted.

Deodorant, I use Crystal Rock, wet it with running water and rub on like a normal roll on deodorant. It doesn't smell of anything at all but it does stop bacteria growing and any smell.

And of course the other personal cleaning products; soap, I just buy natural bars from the health shop, hair products, etc. It is possible to find everything in a natural form, you just need to do a bit of research.

Try to make your own meals, so you know what's in them, there are so many very easy recipes for quick meals that are good for you. Ready meals don't have much, if any, goodness, just lots of bad fats, too much sugar and who knows what else. That's another thing, fats, I eat real butter, I never eat any of those margarines or spreads, they're not good for you. I use olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. When I make soups or Ragu I use water to saute the vegetables first, instead of frying them.

There are a few good books that I have;

Medical Medium by Anthony William, I find it this book very interesting.

Can We Live 150 Years? and Cure The Incurable, both by Mikhail Tombak, both brilliant books. If you read these, you will think about your health very differently, and you'll know why so many people around you are ill.

There is also a very good nutritionist called Patrick Holford, he has lots of books, but I think the best one is - NEW OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE, it must be the NEW one, it has lots more information in it, especially on Homocysteine. You can usually find these on eBay or Amazon, although the Mikhail Tombak ones can be quite expensive because I don't think there re many of them.

A few of the doctors I listen to are;

Jerry Tenant

Gerald Pollack

Stephen Sinatra

Dr Tent

Dr Joel Wallach

Ken Rohla

Dr Marcola

Bruce Lipton

A few other things you could check out, like Earthing, Flavon and Zapper machines, I've ordered a Hulda Clark Zapper, I'm waiting for it to arrive today.

I could go on all day but I think this is enough for you to be getting on with. Let me know if there's anything else you want to ask me.

Good luck,



Another thing, I have a friend who had incredibly itchy rashes, it might have been athletes foot, not sure. But she tried everything and ended up using oil of oregano, cannot be used neat, it must be mixed with some kind of oil, I usually mix with olive or coconut oil. She put it on about 5 times per day for about a week and it disappeared. She also put organic, raw apple cider vinegar with the mother, you can find it in health shops, (Biona is good and a lot cheaper than Bragg), on it a few times, that she mixed with a tiny bit of water.

Anyway, it worked and it hasn't come back again. Both of these might sting a little, if they do just dilute them a bit more.

I'm a big fan of oil of oregano, it's good for so many things, colds, cough, flu, viral and fungal infections, look it up. I get mine from a company on Amazon, it's called Zane Hellas, I think, they're the best I've tried and very reasonably priced. My whole family and all of my friends have it, they love it and recommend it.

If you get the 100% make sure you dilute it.

Good luck,



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