Hi I'm sue, I have pustular psoriasis, can anyone recommend any creams please? I currantly use dermovate and an emoliant

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  • Hi Sue I have eczema and have eumovate for routine care and dermovate for bad flares. I also use Doublebase Gel as an emollient, also have the bath additive and Dermol for washing. It's a matter of trial and error really to find the right combination to manage the skin.

  • Hi Sue. I can help you! What I have works! It needs to be explained... can you please email me

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  • I heard salveation by mama naturals is great for psoriasis. My cuz has been usin it for three months and her skin is really smooth (all patches of psoriasis have fell off and even redness is going away). i tell everyune about this. she says I'm a big mouth :)

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