Atypical mole or sebaraic keratosis

Atypical mole or sebaraic keratosis

I used to be under a consultant for an atypical pigmented mole on my back. I was only 11 when I had it checked and over the years it has changed to be slightly darker and had multiple shades of brown and dark brown specks but has never grown in size. I have never had any issues with it being painful itching or bleeding however I went to see the doctor this week as it has been rubbing on clothes and when I excersise and I get a warm sensation like it has been rubbed. When I went in I am now 24 he advised me it was sebaraic keratosis and looks nothing like an atypical mole I said it irritates me so he said he would remove it anyway it will be a simple scrape as its sebaraic keratosis I asked him about the dark brown spots ok it and he said they do not concern him in the slightest and he genuinely did not seem worried about it at all. he said it may have looked like an atypical mole when I was 11 but it certainly isn't and he seemed very confident. I am just concerned as a consultant when I was that Young said it was a atypical pigmented neuvus but now my doctor says it's something completely different. Is this possible. I have attached an image for opinions.

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  • Your doctor will remove it and send it for a biopsy and then if necessary you would be referred to a Dermatologist. The biopsy outcome would take a week. Whatever it could be can be dealt with easily and immediately. Either way it'll be gone!

  • I had a similar keratosis removed in my thirties, after it became raised and flaky. It was "scraped" by a plastic surgeon. Within a couple of years it had regrown and multiplied on my back. It has got worse ever since. 6 of the worst spots were scraped at my GP clinic about ten years ago and now my back is entirely covered, and there are some on my front. Itching and cracking of raised surfaces are controlled by Acitretin which also helps the ichthiosis I have had since birth, but discomfort is still intense and disturbs sleep. Side effects include unwanted hair loss, soreness in mucous membranes and cracked, sore feet, and difficulty healing minor scrapes and grazes

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