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unsightly legs

Hi guys, I have an ongoing problem which is that my legs are red, covered in blisters, very itchy and very painful. It seems I have lipodermatosclerosis which my doctor failed to diagnose and only learnt this from the hospital after a year of intense pain. I have stockings and steroid cream but just lately I have noticed a bluish tinge on my right foot and ankle but it goes after a while.Does this mean my circulation is having trouble because I do wear compression stockings from the hospital and will the pain ever go away?. I am new to this site so hi to everyone.

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Ask the doctor or go on NHS site to ask these questions. Sorry to hear you are in pain. You can ask on the phone these things rather than be worrying.


So sorry to hear you are in pain and having such difficulty. My itchy irritating eczema on my legs pales into insignificance compared to your story so I do hope that your GP or hospital can provide a better solution now that you have a proper diagnosis. The NHSInform site is quite good (or at least I found it useful on carpal tunnel syndrome which I was recently diagnosed with!)


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