Basal cell carcinoma

Just before Christmas I had what I thought was a skin tag removed from my bra line by my GP who thought it was nothing sinister. I then had a letter calling me back - unfortunately I have not been able to get an appointment with this GP but saw another who read the results as a basal cell carcinoma. She told me not to worry about it and see the other GP in 3 months. I have come away a nervous wreck and have read up as much as possible, but I'm shocked I've not been referred to a specialist or had the rest of my skin checked?! Any advice or reassurance greatly appreciated. im a mum to 3 small children and feel petrified.

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  • Dear Susie, I am a wee bit surprised that you have not been referred on but it may be that GP no. 2 just wants you to get a second opinion. I would not want to wait for 3 months though! My father has had two patches of basal skin carcinoma removed in recent years and he is 91 now, soon to be 92, so I think as long as they are 'caught' and removed as yours has been they do not cause a huge problem.

  • Hi Susie - I was diagnosed with BCC in December after many years of what i was told was Psoriasis on my lower back - I have had a terrible time as it was quite a large area. 18 stitches - i have had the treatment Mohs... and recovering. i asked the consultant to have a look at a small area on my forehead that's only been there for 6 months and again its a BCC and i have surgery next week. i was terrified and still am even though i know what to expect. The C word is enough to get you worried.. Anxiety at its highest level :(

    i have been assured by my consultant that once removed i will be fine... until i find any more BUT i know if i get them treated quickly enough i will be ok.. :)

    PUSH for referral - treatment asap


  • Stop worrying. Don't google it. I have had one, maybe another one growing. My daughter, through use of a sun bed when she was young,has had lots and is still getting them come up .

    They are cancer, but, extremely slow growing,and the don't spread cancer cells. Melanoma is a different situation.

    Probably when the skin tag was removed the bcc was all removed too.

    Two bits of advice, do not wait three months,( only because you are worried. )If you can't get to see him/her ask for a telephone conversation with them.

    The other advice is there is a new ruling that cancer suspect must be seen within two weeks.

    Don't get yourself in a state. You are Ok. You may need to be seen if you have any other tags of the same shape or size. There is not a frantic rush, but get up the surgery and tell them how worried you are.

    God bless, you have enough on your plate with 3 small children you are Ok.

    Explain how you have been since you got the letter. You need reassurance.

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