Weird eczema scars

Weird eczema scars

My daughter has really bad eczema and has had it for 13 years now.

Because of the scratching and bleeding and so on she had many scars

We were just worried because her scars are dark brown in colour and most of the time blister up and peel off making the "scar" bleed again.

Our dermatologist has no idea what it is making the "scars" do this

Does anyone know????

In the picture they show up yellowish but they are dark brown irl

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  • Has your dermatologist ruled out sebhoreic keratosis? Very common and not harmful - just annoying...Alternatively, sometimes the steroid creams can cause discolouration of the skin, but it doesn't usually cause blistering - with us it's usually the eczema causing the blistering..., Sympathise - very frustrating for you both. Good luck.

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