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How I soothed and cured my Eczema


Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and this is my first post so here it goes.

I developed Eczema in my early 20s and the Doctors told me it was stress related as I was going through a very difficult time with a partner.

I had it in all the typical areas eg back of the knees, elbow creases etc. It was incredibly sore and itchy and would get worse after a night of sleep as I'd itch in my sleep.

I tried E45, Aqueas (sp?) cream, different emollient lotions and creams and nothing worked and if it did it would only be a very temporary solution.

I then discovered a natural cream from a company called Sweet Cecily's. It's called Soothing Skin cream. It contains borage and propolis which is known for it's anti inflammatory properties.

I think one of the problems with using emollients is that they may sooth but they do not HEAL, which is what you want when you have a skin condition such as Eczema.

The thing with the soothing skin cream is that it's all natural so none of the ingredients are harmful to skin and it does genuinely heal.

Anyway, I just really wanted to share my story and also see if I could help others who were suffering.

The website I got the cream from is

Hope the info I've given in this post helps someone!


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Thanks for the tip Red_robin. I've taken the plunge and ordered the sea buckthorn and frankincense night cream. I'll update on progress.

I am 40 and started getting crappy skin in my 30s. Through the use of steroids, stress and hormonal changes, I developed peri-oral (around the mouth) and peri-ocular (around the eyes) dermatitis. The flare ups got so bad that I couldn't leave the house and guess what - steroids made it worse.

To cut a very long 5+ year story short, I managed to get the whole thing under control, but now have extremely dry, thin skin on my face and hands. Not a good look. Also, twice a month, when my hormones switch up, I get a flare up. To combat that, I'm trying Ashwagandha tincture to balance hormones as I am trying not to use any pharma. So far no real progress to report there, but lets see how this cream works on my face. £9.95 for 100ml is cheap compared to the other so called remedies I've tried. I must have spent £100s!! Fingers crossed :D

red_robin in reply to mangobanjo

That's great I hope that it helps. See how that one goes and if no joy I would try the Soothing Skin cream.

Please let me know how you get on as I'd love to know if it helps as much as it did me.

Hormones can be a total pain for EVERYTHING especially skin..

lovesradio in reply to red_robin

Thanks for this post red robin, I will investigate. I found a nice handcream made by the Little Soap and Candle Company called Gardners Handcream and though it does not heal, it certainly soothes and alleviates dryness.

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