Red Blotches on Cheeks Sporadically Appear? *photos* - rosacea? - eczema? - reaction?

Red Blotches on Cheeks Sporadically Appear? *photos* - rosacea? - eczema? - reaction?

Hello, this is my first post. I have red blotches on my cheeks that show every now and then, sometimes blatantly like tonight. They don't last long but happen often and I don't know why? It doesn't seem to be eczema as the skin is fine? It looks to be burst blood vessels or something under the skin. I am not sure what causes it, how to avoid it, or treat it. It also comes and goes. I am not sure if Rosacea does that? I don't use any creams, moisturiser etc. as I fear it will worsen it. Any ideas? Many thanks, T.

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  • I am going to test 1 part water, 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner after my shower (and a face wash) tonight. Will see if there are any improvements. The redness has settled and is okay now. I will monitor it. Might be the Head and Shoulders I am using *not on my face but some foam could get there!? I am going to wait and see.

  • Sounds like Rosacea. Does your rash look like a butterfly shape over your face? If so, it may be lupus. Make sure that you take photographs to show to your doctor. Clemmie

  • Thank you for the reply, Clemmie :) - I always thought it must be Rosacea, but then thought maybe eczema as the skin sometimes is a little dry and flaky. I am lucky as it isn't bad at all. The photo shows it as its worse which never lasts long and rarely happens. Lupus sounds interesting, the shape that is shows on my face is more predominate on the left hand side but it could be vaguely seen as a partial butterfly shape. I had never heard of Lupus. And good advice with regards to taking the photos in to the Doc. Thank you.

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