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Co Da Blur : Psoriasis Or Hyperkeratosis or Bazex syndrome

Co Da Blur : Psoriasis Or Hyperkeratosis or Bazex syndrome

Hi all as a lung diease suffer I was researching why my psoriasis had spread from side of my leg to soles arch of my feet.

Anyway to cut a lung story short I had a aunt who suffered psoriasis on her hands and feet just before she died.

I don't know if it is like the say a precursor BUT when you have it spread from your on leg to hands feet you can't helping thinking is it true what the say especially if you have pre exciting lung condition and you had seen same thing happens to a aunt.

Anyway I was shocked to read how bad psoriasis is and variants :

Picture is of psoriasis on my sole arch and is in same place as other foot MY Doc GP as had a look and confirmed is psoriasis .. I don't think it looks like Psoriasis as it's different then what's on side of my lag ALSO a friend as seen it and said that it don't look like conventional psoriasis as skin splits.

Prodtry Foot people have seen it and wrote to my gp asking him to refer me to dermatologist that my GP as dismissed as he can manage simple psoriasis.

But after reading this article I have been feeling like he as in this article with is symptoms

And with me having pre exciting lung condition I take permeant antibiotics for should I insist on being refers to dermatologist or do any of you good people on here know what psoriasis it is

Cheers thanks ;)

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Hello, first let me say I have psoriasis and a lung condition. Not always connected. I can understand your fear because of the family history. I asked my Dermatolagist why I had been kept waiting, for two years, before being sent to her. ( I had to push my GP and in the end it was the Head of the Surgery that stepped in and sent the referall). She is Italian and her answer was interesting. In the UK a GP will try to manage many ailments but with Skin as with all the major organs it is essential that a specialist is consulted. The correct diagnosis is crucial to management of this condition.

Please push for an appointment with Dermatology, even if there is a wait of several weeks to get in. She has worked very hard, taking me through all the medications before using light therapy. That has worked, nothing else did, and after 7 years I can walk without pain. This is just my story, one crucial part of that is there is a medication that works very well for many people but it impacts on the lungs so you and I cannot have it. It's a long process, with great respect to your GP this is a job for an expert.

Please push them to refer you as quickly as possible. If you speak to the British Skin Foundation they may be able to help you with the best way to ' ask'!

I hope this of some help, and I do hope you will get the help you need.


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HI. Like you, I had psoriasis on my legs, when it moved to the soles of my feet it looked different - this is because the skin on your feet is different, so behaves differently. You need a referral, because if it gets worse, you will be walking on excruciatingly sore feet! A sign that there is a danger of this is if your feet burn and itch when you are lying in bed...they get inflamed. There are some helpful ways to manage the condition, and what works for one person may not work for another - but an accepted requirement is to reduce friction and pressure on the feet. This means always wearing cotton socks, never going barefoot and using the pressure reducing insoles often sold labelled 'diabetic'. A podiatrist was actually the person who diagnosed me & gave me the insoles, which were bliss. When your feet are sore, REST THEM. It took me a long time to give & do that, but when I did, I realised it was what was needed. Moisturising is also essential - I use a foot cream with urea in it, as it seems to be the most effective. When they are inflamed I use Exorex lotion, then moisturiser on top, and if they are very dry, go to bed with cotton socks over the moisturiser. Not pretty, but effective! No soap or soaking in hot water, some people find that a soak in warm water & sea salt helps before applying moisturiser. I also gently remove thickened areas with a footfile. Light therapy (PUVA) can also help - I found the fancy drugs didn't have much effect, and gave me horrid side-effects, so don't worry if you can't have those. The British Psoriasis association have a helpline & are very good at helping you to manage your medical care.

Other conditions does make it worse, so if your Aunt's spread, it was an indication of how much worse she was in herself, not the psoriasis causing her worse health/death. Good luck.

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Thankyou for sharing this info as it is very helpful :)

Wishing you wellness :)

xxx sian :)


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