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Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted one of these, but I thought the time was ripe. Lot's of changes happened in the last year, I made new friends, grew and such. But dealing with my skin, I finally this summer got to be a normal girl. My skin after lots of ointment, became clear for the first time is years. I accomplished wearing my short shorts I bought just to cry over, I wore a bikini (with a huge white shirt over it) and I actually showed off my legs for once. At graduation instead of covering up like I normally do, my skin being clear I wore a dress, and did up my hair. Everyone at first look didn't know who I was. This summer, I didn't do a whole lot. I mainly slept to avoid the heat, as I get heat stroke very easy. I'm not the ugly girl I always thought I was in sixth grade, when I look in the mirror now going into a high school I can sometimes see a somewhat pretty girl, but normally I can still see that sixth grader. I get bullied but not at school, at my own house. My brothers have even stepped it up when making fun of me now, telling me how ugly I am, and pointing out all my flaws. I have thought about self harm before, because of them. I tell my mom, but she just replies back with I started it, by calling them a name. Right now with my skin being clear, they don't have much to make fun of. Just my makeup use, to cover my red face, and my hair (which is breaking from being brittle.) For some reason over the summer, though I haven't gained much weight or grew much, I have stretch marks on my legs from my inner thighs to just below my knee cap. Before they came, I at least got some time to be in public wearing shorts. Now it's just back to jeans. I know I still can't be that normal girl, but I can come very close to it if I try hard.

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  • Hey Hermione54, you sound like a lovely girl and isn't it lovely to finally be able to wear a skirt and feel the warmth and air on your skin. Your brothers are being mean but regrettably that can be family life. Ignore them and stick with the friendly supportive 'family' on this site.

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