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PRV and a cardio workout routine. Is this causing my HCT counts to increase significantly?

I'm 59 yrs old and have been diagnosed with PRV now for little over 20 yrs. I'm fairly active, walking skiing horseback riding. About a year ago I started doing Zumba three times a week. It is a very high cardio exercise. I shortly there after began getting very high HCT counts every mo, causing me to get phlebs every mo. Is this coincidence the natural progression of the disorder or is this the exercise the big trigger ? Anyone else dealing with this problem?

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Sorry I am not sure what your abbreviations are but like you I have PRV. Because of the dearth of information, I tried to do as much research as possible online. What I did find out was that aerobic and other vigorous exercise is good for the production of red blood cells, which in a healthy person I suppose would be good but not for someone with our problem. I just stick to gentle exercise now like walking. I feel that when I reach my exhaustion barrier, which is pretty quickly, I take it as a sign to stop now, whereas before my diagnosis the tendency would be to work through it, as we are told to do to get fit. Listen to your body and take regard of your counts. In many areas, including diet and exercise I feel that we cannot follow the advice for staying healthy that we read in most women's magazines. We are different. It is a pity it has to be so much trial and error but we know, more than anyone else what hurts us and what does not. Good luck.



I would echo the answer above and say try giving up the Zumba for 6 weeks and see if things improve.

I tend to walk for an hour and half a day - sometimes briskly sometimes slowly.

I'm 58 and female - had PV for 3 years so your 20 year record is distinctly heartening!

I also drink 2 litres water a day.

Hope that helps.


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