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Were any other ET patients "easy bruisers" in childhood?

I have always bruised easily and could never account for how I'd got the bruises. My daughter (who is 9) is the same. She does have a very active life of course and can be a bit clumsy (like her mother)... But she also suffers with nose bleeds in the cold weather and the bleeding can take ages to stop. I am concerned these might be early warning signs of an MPD. Am I being overly anxious? Does anyone else have experience of this?

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Yes Lobilou I think you are being over anxious! I for one never had nose bleeds in childhood and didn't bruise easily either. If you feel worried about these two happenings you should have your daughter seen by a doctor but I feel sure there is no connection with ET. Regards.


Hi Loubielou

I have always bruised easily, and long before I was diagnosed with ET. Who knows if there is a relationship between the two (one consultant suspects there is) but i do know that I had many 'blood' related events (miscarriage/stillbirth/bruising/haemorrhages) over many many years (around 30) and it was only after a blood clot on the brain in 2009 and i was in hospital after a 'stroke' before any one saw 'links' or noticed my very high platelet count, yet countless doctors over the years had obviously looked at my blood results but no-one had actually seen threads. I would ask about platelet count if your daughter has any bllod tests and be explicit about your concerns because in my expereince (and the doctors' obvious inexperience or incompetence) the linkages were overlooked until it made itself explicit by the blood clot. Barb


As a child I bruised easily, but since med's most definitely the slightest knock and off we go.

They are different from childhood, in that I hardly have to touch anything and the bruises are massive in comparison. Never had a nose bleed & long may it last.

PS The only thing worrying will do is bring your mental health down, & my blood man said there is NO link with our kids & passing on ET. Hope this helps Xx


my daughter who is 5 has ET, she is usually covered in bruises. but then again so is my other daughter who doesnt have ET. one thing i do notice is that when she bruises it takes a lot longer for them to go


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