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Do most/all ET patients have feelings/senstions in their fingers, the section between the very tip and first knuckle?

am trying to find a good descriptive term for the pain/sensation I have in my fingers (the tips not joint and it's not really an ache). Someone mentioned a feeling 'like an insect wriggling.' Mine, I feel, is like a 'boring' feeling. It's not continuous but frequent and in different fingers at different times, usually at the 'side' of the tip. I'm especially aware of it when I wake up. Doctors suggest it's osteoarthritis since I have Hebden's nodes on both hands but, I wonder. I had very painful fingers before I was diagnosed. It is less painful now am on medication.

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I had a burning pain in my fingers and in my toes and this was the reason why I decided to consult a doctor. Later on, I was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis. Now that I take a low dosis aspirin, I don't feel any pain.


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