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Brain fog


It has been a while since I posted.

Things have been going well on the Ruxolitinib and my platelets have been coming down steadily.

I have been feeling a bit light headed the last few days but experienced serious brain fog for the first time today.

I went to do the shopping and firstly couldn’t remember what I needed and when I did get to the til I couldn’t remember my PIN number to pay!! Fortunately I had another card which I had the pin in my phone for but it was very frustrating to say the least.

I am coming up to 10 weeks on the Ruxolitinib - anyone else experience this?

The good news is I have been on the internet and found my pin - been using the same number for 10 years......

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Hi Graham , pleased your doing well, apart from the forgetfulness. I'm on Rux and my short term memory is dreadful, but then I've had so much therapy one way and another I can't blame the Rux but it might contribute. Age might also have a bearing. It drives me mad when I leave a room or go outside to do something 'important' only to forget what the heck it was when I get there.

I hope you don't get as bad as me.

By the way is your pin 7694 😉.

Cheers Chris

Haha Chris - perhaps I should change all my numbers to that! Sadly it is just my eBay name and as I couldn’t think of anything more exciting then I thought it would do 😀 I am feeling a little better this evening - had a few bottles of water so perhaps I was a little dehydrated? I have been trying to do 3 litres of water a day but it isn’t easy and looking back over the last few days I have let it slip a bit. Not to self - must try harder 👍

Gee 3 litres can be a chore atop cups of tea , a beer or 2 maybe , I would think 2 litres ought to be enough and achievable but don't beat yourself up over it life's hard enough.

Keep well . . .

Sounds familiar 😱 I'm on Anagrelide and have ET and often get brain fog. I think it's a mix of the disease and the drugs. Keeping hydrated should help - but not always.


Hi Graham - don't worry my friend the brain fog is "normal" for us MPNers and as said it tends to be a mix of the "thing" itself and our treatments - but you are doing the right thing in using water, all of us will advocate that big time, a little water bottle with you at all times, so as ensure you kind of keep ahead of hydration as we do seem to tend towards dehydrating more than the average person. Sometimes keeping a little protein handy too helps, a box of nuts to eat, again we seem to need snacks along the way to help out more than usual. That said I do find there are just days the fog is there and I can't function as well, I have developed a sense of humour on it over the years and just admit to people sorry the ole brain is not working today and I have understanding work colleagues who giggle with me when I am really not firing on any cylinders let alone all cylinders!! The only answer then I find is a good quality black coffee!! (Hopefully with a nice Danish alto I don't think that is strictly part of the good diet programme 😀😜). All the best

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