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PV and sport

Hello all, i'm 58, suffer of PV discovered 10 years ago, and I'm on hydroxicarbamide in last year 2times be done flebotomie because overpassed limits of hematocrit (low)

I like skiing during the winter and practicing fittness so to compensat my long stay in front of comp during work . Does anybody know if this effort could increase the level of red cells? The young doc. tell me that only lack of hidratation could be. Thank you in advance for your replys

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Hi cata,

I have no idea if exercise would increase your haematocrit levels. Maybe it’s just the nature of PV to behave in this manner at times. I have ET, so not much help.

I hope someone with more knowledge can answer your question.

Wishing you well

Mary x


Thank you anyway


Sounds unlikely: go with the exercise!


Thanks Jane


Hello I believe being at higher altitudes affects red blood cells by increasing them to make up for lack of oxygen. I’m 46 with PV and snowboard as much as I can in the winter I usually stay at lower altitudes but this isn’t because of my PV. Keep on exercising and enjoying this amazing sport.


It's interesting what you said, I birth in small mountain locality but around 30 years I worked and school in field cities and now I came back , during this time I heard about many person having blood disease just 2 days ago, my mum, told me about 2 person having Leukemia. You remind me that the mountain air could kill, many guys come here for the air . Thank you for encouraging me for skiing because I love it



I have pv and if you only needed 2 phlebotomies last year, then i would think that is great. I get one monthly and am on hydroxy.

Red blood cell production is impacted by an iron rich diet. So if your levels were high it could be a result of your diet.

My hematocrit levels swing from 36 to 45 and back. I track what i do and eat but not sure yet what impacts me.

Sports will help improve your bodies ability to use oxygen.

When your levels were high had you changed your level of activity? That could account for the change maybe.

Also it is the nature of pv too behave this way.

Happy skiing!

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Hi cata,

I think it’s all down to the individual. I toured the Andes in Peru. We went far higher than you would on a ski holiday.

Just eat healthily and if you are worried get your bloods checked before and after.

Don’t give up on what you enjoy!


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