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Skull change shape ?

I'm not sure if I'm going loopy or whatever,but I was washing my hair today and I seem to have developed a tender lump on the crown of my skull. It feels as if my skull has changed shape. It's very firm, like bone but its tender to touch and brushing/pulling of hair growing out of only that particular spot. I have not had a recent head injury. But I know my head shape is not the same as it was.

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Hi, if it’s tender maybe it’s a small spot? An inflamed ingrowing hair?


If it stays have it checked out by your doctor, it could be a cyst or something like that


I’d make an appointment with your gp if I were you.

We may be sympathetic on this website but we sure ain’t medics!



Hi Jackylyn, this question has come up before on this forum but not sure what the answer was. Like the others have said, best to get checked otherwise you’ll just worry about it. Let us know how you get on.

Kindest regards

Aime xx😺😺


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