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Hi its me again I urge people in central belt fife Tayside and Perth who are mpn suffers who go to haematology clinics that does not have an Mpn clinical nurse specialists please get as much information about your illness as possible and take it to your local MSP I have full backing off my MSP the MPN clinical nurse specialists are fully trained in MPNS I have one at my clinic and saw her I have ET jak2+ my rbc was low she suggested a treatment but would check with consultant who agreed whole heartedly the great thing about having this is it lets registrars stay on wards treating in patients with MPN also if an emergency MPN sufferer comes in to a&e they can deal with it straight away rather than leaving a clinic with consultant on own and that would mean a backlog of patients waiting this wont happen if you have a MPN clinical nurse specialist also it leaves registrars go down and help out a&e getting waiting times down

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