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Stomach Flu Monday and HU

I am recovering from stomach flu , vomiting and diarrhea, luckily only 24 hours.

Now I'm left with so much gas and bloating I can't eat. I missed two doses of HU as I really need more than a cracker or applesauce to take it.

I know it upset the balance in there but not sure if I should just eat very Lightroom's take something. I'm losing weight which I no longer need to do.

Trying to rehydrate also.

I tend to loook for the fix, hard to be patient.

Any ideas?

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Hi DH65, sorry to hear that you've been unwell. You should speak to your doctor about this and get some advice. Best wishes, Maz


Yes, I did, they said try. I'm better and was able to resume.


Sorry to hear you've been unwell and I do hope you feel better soon. Scrambled egg is very good to ease an upset tummy and it's not heavy on your stomach, maybe add a dry slice of toast with it. To hydrate yourself quicker, have you tried drinking Coconut Water? I drink litres of the stuff! I must warn you that it is an acquired taste with regard to the smell and look of it. If you've been vomiting it may make you feel queasy if you've not drunk it before. Other than that, I would call your doctor regarding your missed doses of HU.

Best wishes


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Thanks Angela, I mostly recovered and resumed the HU, although it wasn't great. I did just buy the coconut water as it has lots of minerals. Hope I like it.


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