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Hematocrit levels

Hi all. I hope everyone is feeling good!

I had my hospital appointment last week and was told my blood levels are great.

I received my follow up letter yesterday and found my hematocrit level is 37.

What I want to know (and would have asked had I realised) is what hematocrit level is too low? I know they try to keep my levels under 45 but they have never been as low as 37 in the 11 years I have had PV.

Thanks for listening. Lesley x

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Hi Lesley

I'm not sure what too low for hematocrit is but mine was down at that level once and I ended up very anaemic also so the medics had to give me iron for 2 weeks. I was told if I was feeling okay that was fine but I was totally wiped so I needed iron. I'm not really in a position to answer your question but if you contact Maz direct I'm sure she will get an answer for you.

Kindest regards

Aime xx😺😺


Thanks Aime.

My specialist nurse told me my levels were all good so I am assuming HB of 127 is ok too.

I am always pretty knackered lately but he told me that was the Hydroxycarbomide not the PV.

Lesley x


Its fine at that, i would imagine they are very happy to see it that way. I was told they dont mind you being slight anaemic (which you are not) either.

Are you on venesections?


Hi Paul. Thanks for your reply. I had venesections for the first seven years then on to hydroxy which I've been on for almost five years. Also take asprin.




I am sure they will be delighted with your results.

As with all of us, aslong as they are checking you regularly thats the main thing.


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hi, i looked normal ranges of HCT up on the web: 38-46 widely quoted and apparently this can vary a bit more dependent on the testing system being used.


Thanks Jane. L x


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