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Bone pain

I have had 4 bone marrow biopsies, with the most recent being 10 months ago (January 2016).

All has been ok, except that I've been getting an ache just over the biopsy site on my iliac crest. Today, this ache has become anot intermittent sharp toothache type pain. It is still very localised but there is no swelling or redness, just a sharp pain that feels as if it is actuall inside the bone.

Should I be worried, or should I just try to ignore it?

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The pain is now not quite so localised, so I think it might be nerve pain (around the scarring from the 4 biopsies) rather than bone pain.

This theory is backed up by the fact that there is a distinct, and quite large, knot of muscle where the pain is coming from.

I'm not so worried now, just wondering about pain relief!


Hi Jo_L, sorry to hear that you are experiencing this pain, might be an idea to speak to your GP about it, they can check it and then maybe prescribe or advise on pain relief. Maz


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