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All, I recently subscribed to the /MPN subreddit on Reddit. While it's somewhat a ghost town, I did see this video there. It was a little complex for my understanding, but there were some interesting points.

- Many cases of PV are misdiagnosed as ET

- He treats patients over 65 the same as those who are younger

- He points to research that says there is NOT an increased clotting risk in patients with ET

I have no idea who the guy is, but he seemed to know a lot (or at least had lots of charts and graphs) and I thought I'd share.


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  • Interesting insight Jason, I wonder who 'he' is? Like you say he does seem to know his stuff and is articulate and humorous too.

    I wonder what his treatment for me would be???

    Thanks for posting, will have to watch it a couple of times.

    Mary x

  • Looks like he's Jerry L. Spivak, MD from Johns Hopkins:

    The video is from January. :)

  • Thought it was interesting too and yes he does like a chart .

    Platelet Millionaire made me laugh I was once one of those wish it had been the other kind !

    Thank you for sharing

  • Cause I'm JAK2+ my hematologist says I may switch to PV at some point.

  • Hi 1972jwc.

    Thank you posting the video , I thought it was very interesting, and informative. but was it just my device or did the sound get very intermittent , so I couldn't pick up all he was saying. Which was a pity as some of the info was new to me.

    Regards Sandy

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