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Keep your fingers crossed for me . I have just posted my final module of my diploma course in Canine Science and Biology. Strangely I feel really empty now that it's finished. I was studying at least four hours a day, pushing myself when I was too tired to think straight. I am uncertain whether my PV will allow me to do another course as I found it harder and harder to concentrate as time went by. I am desperate to do a criminology degree but I just don't know. I am going to finish my family tree off first as I got back to the 17 hundreds on my maternal side but paternal side is proving very complex. Any advice on doing another course with PV would be most welcome. I am not doing anything with my accreditations , I just wanted to keep my brain working and it helped keep my mind off this cruddy illness. What do you think? I will post a pic with my diploma when it comes. . thanks for taking the time listening to me, you are all so lovely. Jill xx

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  • Hi A VERY WELL DONE FROM ME. Not sure if I can offer any guideness on future courses. I keep my brain working by invigilating at local college and safety steward at local football club.

    Genealogy is a good pastime and way to keep the grey matter working keep it up. Can stop you empty.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Goid luck hope it all goes well

  • Go for it - keep the grey stuff ticking over !

    Congratulations on your diploma ;-)

  • Have been told that a degree in Criminology is totally fascinating and if you feel you could do it, do! But, obviously, not good to put stress on yourself you don't need. Can you find out if can take 'gaps out' if necessary. You have done so well. Art friends tell us that when they have finished a painting, they feel drained and empty, likewise novelists, so how you are feeling right now is very understandable. Go for it! Tinkerbell13

  • i couldn't stand the feeling any longer so not only have I signed up for a criminology course I have also signed up for a forensic science course as well lol. Now I can't wait to get started again. Honestly, just the thought of not studying was very depressing. So grey matter, here we go again. Thanks everyone xx

  • Hi Jilly.....very well done!

    I hope you don't mind me asking but do you do these courses online or at a college/uni near you? I have always been fascinated by forensic science and would love to do a course too. Perhaps you have inspired me to actually give it a try? By the way I have ET.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on!

    Very best wishes Gill

  • Absolutely Jilly ,keep going ,rest when you need to,you have overcome so much to study,you are a very gutsy girl.Tinkerbell is right ,when I finish a sculpture,I am actually quite sad,hate it going to the foundry to be made into bronze,so start another as soon as poss or a painting,it's like releasing control of your child ,first day of school !!!Best wishes for carrying on,you could be a top criminal lawyer !!!Sally

  • lol Inca, I can't even discipline my dogs never mind making a case against a human, too soft, that's my problem.

  • Wow nothing but admiration for you. So many people in this forum seem to achieve so much. Very well done and good luck on your next course.

  • You do realise you're putting us all to shame don't you 😄😄 ! Really well done, I go to a creative writing class, my novel is taking forever, but it keeps me off the streets, I also like sewing, nothing complicated though, I did Social and Economic History a couple of years ago, but can't seem to concentrate enough to do a "proper " course now. My friend has just done the Forensics course as her novel has a few murders in it and she needed the info, that or she's planning to murder her husband! I'm also doing my family tree, haven't found any rich relatives, just lots of servants and labourers 😳. Keep at it, and yes we would like to see your Diploma (is it me or that does that sound vaguely risqué?) xx

  • Wow Lizzie, how do you find time for all that? I have always dreamt of marketing a book but I don't have the imagination or patience. I do a lot of craftwork, mainly knitting and just did my first Aran cardigan. Good luck with the book, tell your friend that an icicle makes the perfect murder weapon, no fingerprints as all evidence goes away when it's melted. X

  • I didn't say just how long I have been writing said book!! Lol.

    I've made a note of the icicle - you never know just how much my husband may annoy me during next winter!!


  • Good for you and really really well done! At 62, the very thought of going back to studying fills me with horror - give me a pair of walking poles and a nice fell anytime, but as a retired old bag the old brain cells stagger on as far as reading the paper and penning letters to various publications!

    I am though, just about to do 5 lunches at my home for 11 ladies each to raise funds for MPN voice. Will I ever want to see a chicken breast or a piece of salmon again I wonder?!😳

    How about doing a sponsored degree? I'd definitely sponsor you and it might just keep you going......

    Go for it, I wish you the very best.......do let us know how you get on.



  • Good luck with the lunch Louise, what a lovely, friendly way to raise funds. Hope everyone enjoys themselves, I am sure it will be gorgeous xx

  • P.s. at 54 I am not that far behind you

  • Well done, Jillydabrat. I can certainly see that a four hour hole in a day would leave a vacuum you would want to fill. You obviously enjoy it so why not? You are an inspiration to us all x

  • Thanks! Good luck too!


  • Well done, I'm sure pushing the grey matter is good for you, but do take some me time to relax as the old MPN fatigue soon creeps in. Good luck.

  • Three thumbs up from me. Another course? Why not give it a try. You obviously enjoy studying new things as I do. I nearly cancelled our trip to Ireland as I was "what ifing". I am here, my mind is occupied with many other things as your's would be. Ask yourself "how will I feel if I don't take the course". Even if you feel the same, you will have achieved another goal. You go girl. Sending Irish hugs. Harlie

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