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Primary angiitis

Have been advised to have a Lumbar punture to see for pressure.If positive my neurologist wants me to have a angiogram and then a brain biopsy.Have just received appointment to see him again in December.So I am thinking it's not serious.Or will the hospital that I am having it done at relay results,as it is a different hospital.Not sure about this.Any information on the desease or diagnosis of it would be appreciated.Thank you

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I had tremendous amount of tingling yesterday. I also am going mid APRIL,

for a MRI    BRAIN SCAN    and late APRIL

a  KIDNEY EMBOLISATION.        I have had 3    diagnosis in the last 10 week,  plus

Not forgetting the brain scan.          I wish you all strength  with  all these

Strange  symptons.                 


Hello Jan85uk, I am sorry to hear that you having these problems, but I am afraid that we don't have any information or advice that we can offer you on these tests, perhaps you could ask your GP to talk you through the tests and what the results will mean for you.  Best wishes, Maz 


I have already spoken to my Doctor.And he has told me Vasculitis is a specialist subject,and does not have any information for me.He expressed to put my concerns to the Hosptal when I go,??? I have since contacted my neurologist by phone and he has just explained that they want to measure liquid in spine CSF so as to see if there is vasculitis.But also stated I would need angiogram if there was.But mri and mra were both normal. Apart from some inflammation.. 


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