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Possibly CMML

For almost a year, I've been through lots of tests to find out what is wrong with me, including three bmp's. Two of them with bone marrow biopsy. I also have sjogren's syndrome and polymyalgia rheumatica. My haematologist says that the tests are inconclusive, but if I hadn't already have the two rheumatic autoimmune  diseases, which can give the same changes in the bone marrow, she would have given me the cmml-diagnoses. Do any of you have or know anything about this diagnosis? E.g prognosis and treatment?

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Hi, I have been told I'm "MPN non classified, possibly CMML".  I googled CMML and found loads of information, some quite scarey and decided that since it's not a positive diagnosis for me I would stop looking into it.  If it becomes a definite diagnosis I will investigate then.  I think you could end up worrying about somethng you may not have at all, but that's  just my view.  Good luck, I hope you can have some treatment that makes things better for you. Best wishes, Frances

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Hi Frances. 

Thank you for your answer. I think the same way as you. I have googled and read some quite scary things about the condition, and I have decided to have trust in the experts and not worry too much. 


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