Anniversary - PV diagnosis

A strange thing to celebrate I know. But 12 months ago today I received confirmation of my diagnosis with PV :)

Diagnosis was actually a relief after suffering with ill health for many years and having a small CRV and no one knowing why. Hence the reason why I'm celebrating.

I've felt so much better over this past 12 months thanks to the venesections and excellent support from the staff at the RD&E Yarty Day Case. :)

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  • Great to know you are feeling so much better. X

  • That is so wonderful that you are feeling better. A diagnosis is better than not knowing what is going on. I celebrate with you and praise you for having such a great attitude. Blessings, Janet

  • Thank you Janet :)

  • How lovely to read your uplifting post Kari!! I so agree - when you get a proper diagnosis you then have the truth and you can deal with the truth knowing exactly what's going on!! I was diagnosed with PV, Jak2+ back in 2004 & had regular venous sections for knocking on 10 yrs til my veins said 'enough already'!! Sooooo, have been on Hydroxy for just over 2 years now & pretty much handling it ok. I feel acceptance helps but also like to say that, yes, I have an MPN but it doesn't have me!!! I enjoy life, work 2 jobs & have 2 beautiful daughters (see profile pic) & a demanding dog! So all in all I count myself VERY lucky! Much love, Poll x

  • I agree with everything you've written Polly and I'm a firm believer in mind over matter. When you know you can deal with it head on... it's the not knowing which causes the stress, and stress makes all symptoms 100 times worse.

    Wishing you a wonderful day. Karina. x

  • I smiled when I saw your post as I had been going to the doc for years with my symptoms so when I was finally diagnosed with PV (also a year ago), it was such a eureka moment. Hubby thought I was crazy being happy to be diagnosed with cancer but finally finding out what you have so you can get treatment is such a relief so happy one year anniversary to both of us xx

  • YAY Jillydabrat!! It was a eureka moment for me too. Just to get the positive definite diagnosis was enough for me to arrive home and within minutes be phoning family and friends saying YES! It's confirmed, I have..

    They all said " You have what?" but as I said to them at the time "If I can deal with it, then you can to"

    P.M.A (Positive, Mental, Attitude) Onwards and upwards. xx

    Happy Anniversary. x

  • All positive Kari, well done you! x


  • It's my way of living life Mick. If we're not positive where are we?

    We're in the depths of doom and despair.

    I just love knowing what's up with me and then I can make the most of life.

    Ok, some days/weeks I feel like utter cr*p (as do we all) but in knowing I've also let family, friends and clients' know about it, and we all blame her.

    So they now know that 'Polly' can be a bit of pain when she wants to be :) x

    Yes, I've named PV, Polly lol

  • Oi that's my name Kari!!! ButI'll let you use it to put your PV in the 3rd person.....right where she belongs!! Love n stuff, Poll X

  • Sorry Poll obviously not all Polly's are a pain :) x

  • Glad you have diagnosis that has helped you feel better so yes a cause for celebration

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