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Hi Folks, another restless night. Just to let you all know we finally seem to be getting on top of the GVHD via attacks on a number of fronts mainly using immuno suppressants to damp the Graft down thereby reducing the inflammation. Could go home next week fingers crossed. . Got to have Chrim yet with Grandaughter. My eye isn't fully functional but should recover. So just thought I'd let you know as had a few messages asking about progress, for which Tank you.

Cheers Chris xx

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That's the best news! I am so glad to hear that you've turned a corner :) It's at times like these that your confidence grows and has a positive effect on your health. All the best with it, and hope you have a wonderful time with your granddaughter <3 Jeanette

This is brilliant news Chris! Just what we all want to hear 🐞

Onward and upward!


What good news on this cold morning. Wishing you the very best and have a wonderful🎄🎄🎄🎄 with your family.x

Fingers Crossed you get home, wrap up warm mind when you do its cold out there. Take Care

Good news Chris. Best thing I have read for weeks.

So good to hear from you Chris, I hope all goes well with you return home next week. Think of you loads. Keep us updated when you can. X

I'm laid up myself at the moment, slipped on the ice last Friday a broke my elbow. I have the most wonderful bruise from my knuckles to my armpit! My sister in law says it looks like I'm wearing one of those tattoo sleeves!

Take care buddy.

Judy X

Superwoman in reply to piggie50

Oh Judy, you need to learn how to bounce you poor thing❄️😩 Hope you are not in too much pain, my son-in-law is covered in Tattoos very becoming, but he is a lovely man apart from that. I suppose the bruising is made worse by our conditions, I know when I had my Total Knee replacement last year my whole leg was black and blue for weeks. Anyway you take and stay in the warm.


piggie50 in reply to Superwoman

Thanks Jean,

My GP explained today that our flesh is like the layers of a cracker and the blood seeps along the layers until it can go no further. In my case my knuckles. It's not as painful today, long slow recovery I guess.

Judy X

Superwoman in reply to piggie50

Just make sure that you keep your hand moving, even if you just flex your fingers, will help once the bruising subsides.

Great news Chris, really hope you get to go home very soon.

Take care

On the mend are very good words to hear xx

Whoops should have checked posts before posting my message.

That is great news so pleased for you and you family.

Sandy xx


Bravo Chris. Got your golden army organised at last to crush the baddies! You are an inspiration to us all. Who knows which ones of us may have to undertake a similar journey. Have a wonderful belated Christmas with your excellent, supportive family and your little granddaughter. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. X

What great news, Chris. Here's hoping that 2016 brings you better health in leaps and bounds! Perhaps you wil be doing leaps and bounds too! Like many others here I have been thinking of you a lot. It is so good to hear that you are turning a corner. Hope the road is straight from now on. Very best wishes, Jan x

That's great news Chris. Hoping it carries on that way and you get home soon. x


Great news Chris take care to keep warm when you get home - onwards and upwards my friend

Love Caz xx

This news has made my Day/Week/Month! Terrific!

No place like Home! Take care, Sue xx

So happy for you. Wish you a good time with your family.

So pleased to hear you're improving. Enjoy "Christmas " with your family, they must be feeling happy too. Here's hoping 2016 is YOUR year Brave Jedi

Best wishes



Great News,Chris the Phoenix!!!Like every one else was waiting for news of your progress,marvellous,keep it going!xxx

You and your wife, and whole family must be very, very happy. Good Luck Chris, you are getting there.

Linda x

Always a Red Letter Day when hear news of you, Chris, and will be brilliant to get news that you are on your way home at last. Your fan club must be vast and every single one of us wanting you Better Soon. Kindest regards and to your v special wife and family. Tinkerbell13

Great news Chris. A light at the end of a long tunnel at last. Good luck! Sue

6 or 7 months of trials and tribulations can't have been much fun! Great to hear that your condition is set to improve with the weather.

Hi Chris. Lovely to hear some positive news from you, keep mending and stay strong.

Love Mel x

That's fantastic news Chris! Hope you get home asap back to your lovely family who must be missing you so much. Enjoy your 'christmas' with your granddaughter. There is nothing in the world like grandchildren. Keep well.

Karen x

Oh, that is such wonderful news! Here's a major fingers crossed that you go home VERY soon and have the happiest Christmas ever!!

Great news! Really wonderful to hear the long road is coming to an end. Hope to hear how Chrim goes with your granddaughter, what a treat to look forward to. Keep us posted.

Well done. At last you have something to look forward to.


Wonderful news Chris. So pleased to hear you are keeping on top of the Graft versus Host, it is such a horrible thing! Take care xxx

At last the force is with you again... woop, woop, woohoo, yippee and long may it continue.. xx

great news chris, keeping everything crossed for home next week xx

Bril news home sweet home - will help you in leaps and bounds to get there - so wishing you good progress each day in the next week to get to that nice end goal - that human body is a marvellous thing fighting away to restore your health - and it will - keep going kid.

Brilliant news Chris 😀 Hope they let you home next week, I was only asking everyone yesterday if anyone knew how you were doing, and here you are sounding really positive, I wish you a very happy Chrimbo, and may this coming year be yours.

Jean x

So glad things are improving for you and your family. Hugs and best wishes Aime xx😺

Hello Chris, Just read this, really pleased for you and all you family. Bye,


Hard road for you and your family - so hope you do get home will help you in your recovery. Good luck.

At last the force awaken's great news 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

The best ever news Chris. A long time coming but worth the wait.. Just think you can wear the fashionable hats once more. have a fantastic Chrim, I'll bet your grandchild is only delighted to be having a second Chrim. (perhaps there will be some more stylish hats in the next set of crackers!. Good luck with everything. Janice

Thanks for all your best wishes. . . . Let you know when home xx

Such wonderful news Chris!

I bet your family can't wait to have you home and have another Christmas, especially your grandchild!

Chris, as always, you are an inspiration. May 2016 be a fantastic year for you and your family.

Natasha xxx

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