ET and who lives in the US

So many people live abroad that I was wondering how many live in the US and where, how old, are you on meds and what was your platelet count when diag. So many questions, sorry but new to this diagnosis. Thanks Mickey

I actually went on the MPN website on facebook, found a few people in the US, message them but no response a little disappointing to say the least.

Oh by the way Maryland.

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  • Texas 58 at diagnosis. On a daily aspirin. platelets jump between 450 -500.

  • Hi Texas, did they diag you with ET? that's pretty low platelets. hardly above normal. So you don't any meds other then aspirin right?. You said 58 at diag, how old are you now? sorry for all the questions. Thanks Mickey

  • Questions are good. Diagnosed ET JAK 2 pos. I'm 59 now. Yes, platelets are not bad. Thank the Lord. No other meds for my et other than aspirin. I take blood pressure medicine and statins for cholesterol.

  • Cannonfire, are you near MD Anderson? they are having a conference on MPN on October 24, its free to anyone who wants to attend or you can register to attend on-line like I did. If I live in Texas I would be definetly have gone. If you want I can send you the link they are supposed to have lots of experts there..

  • Oh wow the info would be great. Maybe I can work it out I don't live near Houston.

  • 48 yo. On interferon b/c I had 2 strokes with platelets at 453. Connecticut. Btw- I'm considered mpn - undefined as I have attributes of et, pv and early mf.

  • How are you doing on the interferon?? and hello to you in Connecticut!

  • I hear that I am atypical on that as well. The interferon has not given me any problems. I have to watch my hydration and occasionally I have mildly elevated liver enzymes but they are not sure if the liver values are from the disease or the meds. So…seems good to me.

  • I live in NJ. I've had et and pv for 3 years . I'm a 45 year old female. I've been on aspirin and occasional phlebotomy when needed. I started Pegasys 6 months ago and my numbers haven't moved . my platelet count is 1.6 million. It was 897,000 when diagnosed. Hope this helps !

  • Hi Mickey,

    There is a mailing list called mpdsupport with people mostly in the US. You can join the list and you will get a daily email, but you can also search their database for informations on ET and treatments. Also the owner of the list is great and has a lot of knowledge about MPD's (he has PV) and is always available for questions.

    Here is the info on how to join the list:


    Search, Join, Leave, Post, or Change Settings: read MPD questions and add your own comments.

    Main / MPD files @

    Zlata, ET since 1999, JAK2 negative, Roferon-A 6x3 miu weekly, daily aspirin

  • Thank you so much! Really appreciate! :)

  • Hi Mickey. I live in Wisconsin and Florida and am 64. Was diagnosed 2 years ago when almost died from blood clots in both lungs. My platelet count then not relevant because forming clots I'm told affects the numbers. Over the past year my platelets have ranged from 580-925. Was on warfarin up until last month but formed clots within days of INR level dipping below 2.0 even though platelet levels around. 600. Specialist on blood clotting said I clot extremely easily. Now on Eliquis (3 weeks ago) and Hydroxy (2 weeks ago). No side effects yet except dry skin which could be caused by weather turning cooler and drier. Only advice I can give is to read as many posts as possible. It made me feel much less alone and that I'm among friends. Good luck to you and hang in there.

  • Hi Katie, good to know you have no side effects. Can you tell me how much you take, I'm starting next week. Thanks and its good to know you! I suspect you go to Florida in the winter??. Years ago my best friend was a girl named Pat Walsh, any relationship? She would be about my age and they moved to Florida when I was about 12 years old, we grew up together in the same neighborhood, I have always tried to reconnect with her but no luck finding her. Just curious.

  • Hi Mickey. This week I'm taking 500mg for 5 days. Last week, my first, it was 3 times. Don't have my blood tests til Wednesday to know it'll be increased again. Yup, FL in winter which is good cuz Wisconsin winter temps screw up my breathing (I have asthma) so difficult to be outside. I do have a cousin named Pat but she has always lived on the west coast. Have you tried looking for her on Facebook or LinkedIn or classmates? Katie.

  • I'm in PA, diagnosed this year at age 61 with ET, JAK 2'positive. Last numbers were 650, still only on baby aspirin. Waiting for next blood test the end of this month to decide whether to start Hydrox.

  • Hey there, we are very close in age and close in numbers. I also am Jak2+. My last numbers were 743, but in Sept was 650 and in July was 750 I think, seem to jump around quite a bit but my hemo Dr now has me on blood work every two weeks, I'm told platelets only last about 7 days so maybe that's why the numbers jump around like that. I'm still hesitant about the hydroxea, but Dr insists gotta get it down to 400. I know people who are just on aspirin and some that are not. I really hate this whole thing maybe if the pill was not so toxic we would all feel better. But then again who wants a stroke no one that's for sure. Let me know how your apt goes, we are close and if you have to start the meds we can do those hurdles together :). So far being over 60 is my only risk factor.

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