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MPN Voice Living with MPNs Day 2015

Saturday 14th November 2015, 8.45 am – 5 pm

Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental & African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG

This will be the 3rd Living with MPNs Day that MPN Voice has hosted, you are welcome to bring your family and friends with you, there is a fee of £10 per person. To register for this event please follow this link hartleytaylor-registration.... you will be redirected to the Hartley Taylor (the event organizers) online registration form. If you prefer to register by post and pay by cheque you can download a registration form here you will need one form per person. Or you can register by telephone 01565-621967.

Please note that you cannot register for this event via MPN Voice.

Refreshments, lunch and afternoon tea will be served during the day.

This is your chance to hear the latest news on trials and treatments from leading experts in the field of MPNs. The discussion groups for each MPN will offer you an opportunity to talk to other people about your MPN, and the family group will give your family and friends an opportunity to talk about how your MPN affects them, as we recognize that it is not just the patient who needs advice and support.

Programme – we apologize but we are still arranging the programme for this event, we are hoping to have it finalized within the next few weeks, it will be available on the Hartley Taylor conference calendar, please check in a couple of weeks

A map and travel information for the venue is available here

The 2nd Living with MPDs Day held on 16th November 2013 was very successful, you can view the presentation videos here you can also view videos of the presentations given at the healthcare professionals day held on 15th November 2013, follow this link

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Thanks Maz - I've booked up for this already, as the last of these days in 2013 was great. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is able attend, as it's an excellent way of keeping up to date on the latest developments in MPN research and...


hi :) can you tell me is there ay prospect of a living with MPD's day in the midlands or north in the forthcoming year ? I realise you have had in Liverpool but this was before my time as I was diagnosed with ET 12/06/15 so only watched on line. ( good by the way).


Hello Craigdarcy, we only hold the full day Living with MPNs days in London, however, our regional forums, which are generally 3 - 4 hr events are held in towns around the country, I will be liaising with teams around the country very soon to sort out where and when the forums for 2016 will be held, we won't be in Liverpool again next year as the team have decided to hold one in North Wales, I am also in talks with the team from Nottingham City Hospital to hold one there. Kind regards, Maz


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