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Hi Everyone - I'm just looking for travel insurance to Turkey for the family this year. I paid £17 for the four of last year to Egypt but have just been quoted £300 for this year as I have been diagnosed with MF. Does anyone have any recommendations of where I could try for further quotes? TIA

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I have PV and have just paid £35 for family of 4 insurance for Cyprus 10 days with All Clear. Website was really easy to use and came up with lots of competitive quotes. Hope this helps.

Lesleyt10 in reply to Foss33

Thanks Foss - I have been diagnosed with MF so seems to be making a big difference cost wise but will check out All Clear. Thanks for the info.

I didi mine through jet two


Hi Lesley, check out the companies listed in our travel leaflet they have been recommended by people with MPNs. Best wishes, Maz

Lesleyt10 in reply to Mazcd

Thanks Maz - that's really helpful. Will look in to those tomorrow.

I have found Colombus Direct Insurance to work out quite reasonably. Best wishes for a super holiday.


Apparently turkey is outside the Europe group therefore your insurance would be in the worldwide Group which is a lot dearer.

I just ask the insurers to exclude any claims which might arise from the condition and the premium is then as for normal risk.


Thanks for all your replies everyone. Gives me lots of options to look in to!

Hi I'm with Staysure I've been to Tunisia 3 times it was only £23 last year

I have been quoted £2700 for two weeks in Canada by Saga. I have MF. Stay Sure would not cover for MF.

I have loads of problems too with travel insurance, because i have varices which are a direct result of my PV but travel companies lump me in the same category as people with alcohol problems.

4 Days in greece this year is going to cost me about £150..

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