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nicki archibald

the reason i have used the name steven george is in memory of my brother who was 50 died of cancer due to a condition called puetz jhegaer syndrome he has 4 young children also my posting name is a tribute to him as i have et i was in my 20s when i was diagnosed with it i have been under excellent consultants it was my present consultant at the Western General Hospital who told me about this site as soon as i told my brother about it he as well as myself read the site from beginning to end so its a thank you to him that is why ii use his name i hope the people who run it don't mind me using his name he was my best friend i have a great buddy called Jacqui we get on great with each other any one who has any questions about feel free to ask especially anyone from Edinburgh

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Hello Nicki I am most saddened to hear of your loss of your brother and how lovely to have his name featured on the site here as your tribute to him - I feel for your loss and send you empathy for that - he was obviously a supportive and good brother to you. Yes this site is so helpful to us all isn't it - I have ET diagnosed 7 years ago and when pointed to this site in the last year found is so good and learnt more than the previous 6 years!! All the best


I am sorry to hear that you brother died. I'm glad that you had such a good relationship with him. I hope you can spend time with his children. With all good wishes.


How do you do Nicki. So sorry for your loss and for your attempt at immortalising your brother. A fine tribute. I too am based in Edinburgh and attend Western General. In my biased opinion their haematology is second to none. The nurses and pharmacists as well as the consultants are so courteous and kind.

Best wishes.


so do I think my consultant who I had as a registrar and had a great relationship and I was over the moon when I learnt from another great consultant Dr Davies who was retiring that it was going to be Dr Farquharson she is one of the best I find hard though in my DR surgery a gp that knows how to treat et I don't know about you

best wishes

Nicki xx


oops that was meant to go to twinkly best wishes twinkly


Well done you must be so difficult to come terms losing a brother .our contacts are so important .to lean on in hard times ..we are here for each other .love twinkly. Xx


thank you for your kind message it means a lot I have et since 1994 so if you ever need any advice or a chat feel free to get in touch I have a great buddy we have seen each other through the bad times we have encountered

love Nicki


thank you all for your kind comments I have had et since 1994 I find tiredness really bad have had 3 infarctions to the liver so I attend gastrointestinal unit as well

best wishes nicki xxx


Hi Nicki, of course we don't mind you using your brother's name, I would also like to add my condolences for your loss. I am glad that you both found this site helped, and continues to help. With best wishes, Maz x x


Dear Maz

Thank you for your offer off condolences people say it gets easier but it does not as he was my best friend if it wasn't also for the support off Jacqui my mpd buddy we have a great bond I helped her through bad times before and also just now .She is coming up to Edinburgh in June so a massive thank you for pairing me up with her Maz

Best Wishes

Nicki xxx

ps we are scattering the remainder of his ashes in april as he has a wife and 4 young children they planted a rowan tree being a Scottish tree and some off the majority of his ashes scattered round the tree the rest is getting scattered at

our beloved Scottish football team Hibernian football ground yet another funeral to go through


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