Polycythemia Vera Pre-diagnosis Patient Report - Terry's Story

Polycythemia Vera Pre-diagnosis Patient Report - Terry's Story

By sharing our stories, perhaps we offer “a dose of comfort” to the new or recently diagnosed. When they read of struggles that other patient’s experience, all of the sudden there is an “ah ha moment”……hmm, maybe I am not alone in this (insert nasty expletive).

Thanks Terry for sharing your well documented journey - pvreporter.com/polycythemia...

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  • It never ceases to amaze me how with the same conditions, we seem to go through so many symptoms. Terry's journey was interesting reading and has some reflections of the events I went through, more good reason to share these on the forum, well done to all!


  • Thank you Terry for sharing your journey. It is true there are so many similarities, not only in symptoms but in emotions, how we deal with the issues PV brings, etc. Its so good to share with people who understand how you feel, you don't have to keep explaining. You say the word and the other person says "yup" I have that/know about that - I understand how you are feeling!!! I think this forum is so good for us all. Best Wishes Aime x

  • Thanks Mick and Aime for your feedback. I always enjoy reading and sharing patient stories. Terry's early rounds of difficult phlebs really hit home for me! These challenges are difficult for friends or family members to understand....but so easy for us to relate to.


    David Wallace - PV Reporter

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