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Pensions at 55 or 60 for those with a life limiting diagnosis

Pensions at 55 or 60 for those with a life limiting diagnosis

Hi everyone,

I've been banging on about the above for months now but I'm a lone voice in the wilderness.

I feel very strongly about this but I can't do it without loads of support.

I was interviewed along with Paul Lewis on money box back in March. I thought it was a good interview but it but it never came to anything.

You can listen on iplayer by entering the following - the interview lasts about 12 minutes.

Please make sure you enter all the slashes and dots in the right places or it won't work.

I'd willingly chain myself to the railings at the end of Downing St to get an interview with Steve Webb the pensions minister.

If this issue is looked at properly instead of these ministers saying it's too complicated then it could be sorted.

I also have a petition on search pensions at 55 for those with a life limiting diagnosis and please sign and pass on.

Failing that - make an appointment to see you MP.

It won't happen unless we make a hue and cry!



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Hi Louise,

I have signed the petition.

I must admit myself im not an optimist when it comes to sorting out the tangled mess that is public spending of money we all have paid into the system for many years.

I've re-wrote this post several times, and typed out what i feel about how this country spends its money....but i know its emotive so decided not to say it.

The only thing i would say is that if the spending was fair, your campaign would be signed off tomorrow, forget 60, or 55 make it 50!.

But its a great cause, and i applaud your fight



Hi Paul,

Thanks for your post - my husband says the same thing.

Part of me fears you may be right - but that's exactly what our governments, be they labour lib dem or Tory, want us to think.

Tell us it's impossible and we'll go away.

Unfortunately this was discussed and dismissed by the House of Lords in 2011.

It's the same old story, those not affected really don't understand.

A bit like the right to die discussion, it's always those who still have quality of life of some sort who are against euthanasia.

Again part of me hopes that one day they will be in a position where they would be begging for someone to shove a needle in their arm!



I can't find the petition on, could you post the link please.x


Hi Louise - wow u look fantabulous - I actually scrub up fairly well after an hour or two and that's when I'm int mood, as I'm sure do all of us with MPN's or a form of the big 'C'. . And I would venture to say it doesn't help your cause. I will say that this issue has crossed my mind many times as I battle with the DWP for the pittance of a handout I feel I have to grovel and jump through hoops to prove I'm entitled to after 30 years employment. I have PMF, life is challenging to say the least and I'm 53 years young.

Will I see my 6 mth old Grand-daughters 18th - who knows. . . Power to you and I'm off out to buy a chain as it would be a privilege to snap my lock next to yours should you ever decide to go suffragette. . Love JR


Thanks Jedi!

Your posts always make me laugh - with a sense of humour like that you'll live forever.

Seriously, I truly believe that a sense of humour carries us through many ghastly trials of life!

I fear the photo is somewhat flattering - taking with my back to the light to hide the cracks and crevasses in the old mush.

will let know when to book your train ticket to London.......

Thanks for the support.

Did you listen to the interview and sign the petition?



Hello Loubprv,

I am in the same boat. I was diagnosed with ET 5 years ago and had to retire on health grounds 18 months ago on a small pension. I should have my state pension in 2 years but now have to wait until age 66.

After a career earning 70 % of male earnings our pension has been deferred robbing women of 6 years pension to be fair to the men.

I would get angry but my ET leads to angina if I get stressed.

Good luck with your campaign.



Hi Louise

I've just listened to the interview: very eloquently put and well argued. That said, I cannot see the government changing their mind very fast on this one. The pension industry is in a mess, and even people with personal or occupational pensions have issues with accessing their money because of a punitive tax regime, or worse, uncertainty as to how it actually works. I understand that there are some benefits, which people with life limiting diseases can claim, although most of them are means tested. Some MPN patients will qualify for them and could look into it "in lieu" of getting their pensions early. I do support your cause wholeheartedly and hope it will eventually succeed. It will not affect me because I have PMF with max 3 years prognosis, but I hope it will benefit you, and others like you, and I will sign your petition. Good luck.


Thanks everyone, for your replies.

I know, I've a feeling it will be an uphill battle.

But as I said in the interview, I'm not banging on about me - my concerns are for folk who have definite end of life prognosis, whine doesn't apply, fortunately, to MPN's.

What about motor neurone, multiple system atrophy, brian tumours etc etc?

All terminal.



Hi Louise I have signed your petition to xx its such a worthy cause and I wholeheartedly support what you are doing. I don't have much faith in government but like they say if you don't ask or try nothing in life will change. As someone with ET aged 53 who sometimes finds it a real struggle to maintain a full time job, the thought of being able to retire at 55 and have some time not to mention resources to enjoy life and relax, is so very appealing!! not too mention there may be a time when it there is no choice. Thank you for thinking of this and for doing something about it. All the Best Liz


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