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Informal meet up

Hi everyone, there are now about 10 of us interested in meeting on an informal basis.

So the next question is, where?

Could you please email me and let me know where you live ( I do have some locations but not all)

I also have some personal email addresses but not all - perhaps the following could email me if still enthusiastic on

Jedi - sorry, managed to delete your email without saving.....oh dear, no hope.





Would love to hear from anyone else who might be interested in meeting somewhere in the north west.

There is though, a formal MPD voice forum at the Christie in Manchester, on the 28th June so you might prefer to wait until then? Do spread the word re the forum, the more the merrier.

Best wishes,


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I am in Bolton, NW Manchester!


I can't believe you deleted my inter-galactic mail Louise you won't know this but I get charged 5 spondooleys a mail across a Galaxy. I will drop you another expensive message as soon as. Once you get the locations a feasible 'central ish' point may be revealed. But Sods Law will likely rear up and it won't be that easy.

Thank You for all your erstwhile effort x

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I know, bear of little brain,

So sorry......meanwhile crank up your rickety old space shuttle, put some oil on your boosters and get ready to blast off from windy old Blackpool!

Thanks Swede. I was born in Bolton, went to Bolton School - how about you?


I moved here 2000 so never went to any schools here. Idon't even have the famous Bolton dialect!;-)


Where can I find out about forums? The website appears a little behind the times? If there are forums across the water (England, Scotland, Wales) that could attend I would like to know in advance so that I could do some planning, get cheaper flights etc.


Hi Shazzer1976, I don't know if you are registered on our mailing list to receive news and updates from us about forums etc, I'm sorry but the user names on this forum don't give me any clues to names and email addresses of people who register, if you haven't registered please let me know at We are still waiting to hear about venues and dates for other forums around the country, as soon as I have details I will update the website, as you will see I did update it last week with details for Manchester and Southampton, these are the only 2 that we have confirmed at the moment, I am just waiting for dates for Newcastle, Cambridge and London. Maz


Thanks! Will send an email.



Well your best bet is the site which is usually pretty much up to date.

There do seem to have been regular forums in Belfast in the past.

The next forum that I know of is in Manchester at the Christie hospital on the 28th June - 10 til 3 .

Hope that helps!



Just noticed, look underneath this and the read next bit underneath that - there's more info from Maz re forums.......Proposed patient forums 2014


Hi, you mentioned a forum of 28 June in Manchester? Have I missed something as I wasn't aware of this and would like to go.

As for meetups, I would welcome it, conditional on time/date and venue, of course


Hear hear.


There will be a forum in Manchester at the Christie on the 28th June from 10 until 3.

If you let me have your email address I will forward the official poster.

I promise not to publish it !!!!


Brilliant! Thanks!


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