Swollen hands

To cut along story short the wife had a flat tyre and was around 5 miles away called me to tell me she could not get the wheel off no matter how hard she tried so me being the ever caring husband told her i would walk to her was not gonna pay for a cab, So there i go walking down the road about 10 mins in i felt exhausted but kept going legs and arms feeling heavier all the time an hour in. my hands felt as if i had lead weights tied to them looked down at them and they had swollen to what i can only describe as being like i was wearing gloves could not bend them and they were a bright red have never had this happen before got home after dealing with the car and within an hour hands went back to normal.had to lie down for a few hours to recover. Any one else ever had this happen to there hands or any other body part after any kind of exercise or physical activity or is it just me

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  • Hi yes, same problem, though the ony time it got as bad as your description was on a long walk when it was very hot. But my hands swell up after walking the dogs and my ankles follow! Not sure it has anything to do with my PV athough it's tempting to think so......

    Fraid I have no solutions but would be grateful to hear if u get any more info


  • Yes this happens to me a lot. I find I have to be careful about my fluid intake. If I get hot it can be a problem too. Drinking lots of water and being careful with my diet helps.

  • Yes I do get it all the time. My hands and ankles are swollen all the time. With my ankles is bit easier when I have my feet up but my hands no matter what I do they are swollen. I spoke to my GP about it and she has done some test for kidneys, liver, heart, etc., and did not know why they swell. I do take up to three liters water a day tough. My GP said that this was not the reason for swelling. I guess that could be one of the side effects from our medications.

    Wishing you all well.

  • Yes. I used to go for brisk walks with my husband after he was advised to after quad heart bypass. Exactly the same.

  • I actually Got it before diagnosis so seems unlikely in my case to be medication. I can only manage gentle short walks now which I enjoy.

  • ABman here: I did a lot of house painting before Xmas, and had my first bout with swelling feet and hands. Now I have some all the time, and my doc says it's likely to continue. I have a list of 30 symptoms from the PRV and have had a pulmonary embolism and a heart attack. From my reading online, etc. I now believe they are all connected to the PRV. When I get active, my swelling gets worse. Yesterday I blew the snow off our lane and driveway in the yard, and have more swelling today. Part of the game, I guess.

  • Yes, so glad you posted this. I have had this problem for years before diagnosis as well! I remember walking in Goa on holiday and having to walk with my hands on my chest. Also in very weather it seems to be worse.

  • I find its bad when I am abroad in hot weather. Every sympathy. Aime

  • Hello Sparko35 - I can't say have ever had swollen hands, but I do get swollen legs

    and foot (only the left leg and foot) It has been going on for some months now. I have

    ET. I do get terribly tired and can't do much - this seems to be getting worse. I would advise you to see your GP and also talk to the specialist when next you go for a check

    up. Dorotea

  • Thanks to everyone for your reply's. Have appointment at hospital Wednesday so will raise this with Doc. Stay well.


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