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Hi, i have just found this page and joined. I am a 42 yo male in the UK.

I had my diagnosis confirmed in August as PRV, having initially been diagnosed as MF it was determined the level of fibrosis was too low for MF.

I had anaemia initially, and enlarged spleen. Its been discovered the anaemia was as a result of bleeding from varices caused by portal hypertension from my spleen.

I made a rapid recovery when put on iron, hence the PRV diagnosis.

Currently under observation for blood counts (all currently normal), and monitoring of my varices.

Just wanted to say Hi, i find sites like this very useful, although i am yet to find someone with PRV with similar issues to me (varices).


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  • Hi Paul 42, Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of support from all members here - they are a great bunch! I have PV, confirmed in August 2012. Mine was discovered after me complaining about extreme fatigue after ops. Take care and best wishes Aime

  • Thanks Aime

  • Hi Paul, well done, joining this forum, you will find such a lot of support and help and friendly advice. Do you live a long way from Colchester, as there is a special Forum this Wednesday at the hospital, from 4-6 p.m., but you can download the results from that day later on. Very best wishes to you - I have ET but my mother had PV and close friend/neighbour MF, so can understand a bit where you are coming from...Tinkerbell

  • Hi Paul 42, Welcome, you have come to the right place! I have PV, diagnosed 10 years ago at the age of 37 and find this site invaluable. Stay well. Melanie

  • Thanks Melane and Tinkerbell. Im in Derby, so not really close. Will look out for ones closer to me as would like to attend one. Its strange as these conditions are rare as we know, and no proven hereditary links (so im told) but my sister has ET, diagnosed 10 years ago. Whilst mine has only just been diagnosed I can see evidence that I have had the condition for some time.

    I started having occular migraines about 10 years ago myself, and i believe these are a common symptom of PV and ET. Though i havent had one for about a year now.


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