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Charity Christmas Cards in aid of MPD/N Voice

Charity Christmas Cards in aid of MPD/N Voice

Support MPD/N Voice this Christmas by sending our charity Christmas cards, there are 5 designs available, The Tree, Holy Mother, A Walk in the Snow, Holly and Christmas Baubles.

Each pack contains 10 cards and envelopes, the greeting inside each card reads Happy Christmas. There is also a brief mission statement about MPN Voice with our logo, you will notice that we are using MPN Voice on the cards, this is because we are in the process of changing our name to MPN Voice (myeloproliferative neoplasms) as neoplasm, in place of disorder, is being used more and more by the worldwide MPN community.

Costs per pack = £4.00 (€4.68), for post and packing charges, pictures of the cards and details on how to order the cards please visit our website

The cards will be available to purchase at the Living with MPDs Day on Saturday 16th November.

If you live outside the UK, Rep of Ireland and Europe and would like to buy the cards please email before ordering, we will then advise whether or not we are able to accept payment in your currency and the method by which you can pay, we will also advise you of the postage.

Christmas cards and cards for all other occasions are also available from The Greetings Card Company where you can buy cards in aid of MPD Voice and other charities, a percentage of the sales is kindly donated to MPD Voice by The Greetings Card Company.

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Hi Mazcd,

Will the cards be available for sale at the MPD day in November?




hi Judy, yes the cards will be available to buy at the Living with MPDs Day in November, sorry, I forgot to put that in, I have now edited the post. Maz.


Thanks, I'll get mine there - save on postage.


Hi all, I'm so glad that finally MPD Voice is changing its name to MPN Voice , there's so much confusion out there....!!!


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