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flunarizine and Botox

Hello All.. Has anyone tried flunarizine? I suffer from daily chronic migraines and cluster headaches , and tension headaches. Has anyone had any luck with this drug. ....

My Neuro Dr says I now able to get funding for Botox. The thing I'm concerd about is that the NHS will only let you have a maximum of 1 to 2 goes at this treatment . I e if is helps I will only get 1 shot and if it doesn't 2 goes, then that's it. Surly this is not enough?.

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I have botox for chronic pain but as I have migraine as well it sort of deals with both problems. If I don't keep the pain in check it triggers a migraine. It doesn't stop the migraine completely but has made the headache bit less intense, and sometimes they go before I can get to the medication. So in that respect it was well worth trying.

It does wear off for me after about 11 weeks, and they have now extended the time between injections to 16 weeks so that can be difficult.

A shame you'll only get one or two goes at it on the NHS. Mine is NHS funded but I guess I get it because it's not for migraine. I have it in my shoulder and face, so not in all the places that they'd put it for migraine. So may be if you have it done as prescribed for migraine it will be more effective.

I noticed a change after the first lot of injections, and it's been one of the few things (out of many) that I've tried for pain & migraine, so perhaps you should give it a go, and if it works you may not need any more.


Hello I've just had second botox injections (31 each time - 155 units) on NHS after paying privately for it so I knew it worked for me. I have a third appointment with botox clinic but haven't been told that I can only have two treatments. It's one of the only things that helps my pain and I don't see why it shd be stopped when its a helpful treatment as there is nothing else the NHS can suggest to relieve chronic daily headache that doesn't contribute to Medication Overuse Headache. I will fight to keep the treatment up as there's no good reason to stop it if it helps the pain and keeps the pain-induced depression at bay - which it does. Good Luck.


Hi i am about to take my 5th lot of botox, it really helps with the intensity but does not get rid of them. I have been told after the 5th lot i will have a break from it to see how I go, if needed I cam sign up again but I have been told a medicine called flurizine will be the next step. With botox it only works for the maximum 12 weeks, it does not build up in your system. It doesnt always work it can be hit or miss. One good month might not necessarily do the same on the next lot. Good luck


My son (aged 30) has tried Topiremate, Pregabalin, Sodium valproate, Botox, vagus stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, occipital nerve injections, and Cefaly - none of which made any difference to his NDPH of the chronic migraine variety which he has had since age 22.

He has been taking Flunarizine for 18 months and this is the first medication which has made any difference - his average daily pain score has reduced from 6 in January 2014 to 1.4 in December 2014 - this has made a HUGE difference to his life and he is gradually becoming more like the son I knew!

3 months ago he was started on Candesartan 4mg daily as well, this seems to have further improved the pain scores, as prior to this the average was 2.5.

I hope the Flunarizine also helps you - I know it was stories like this that helped my son to persevere, as the Flunarizine did not immediately make much difference, just a VERY gradual reduction in pain score averages month by month until the 1 year mark when it was down to average of 2.5.


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