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Anyone ever experienced Flickering in peripheral vision in the light

For two weeks now I have been experiencing slight flickering in my peripheral vision when I am in the light. When I try to look at the flickering it disappears so I can see it when I am looking to the side but can not focus on it. I went to the opticians yesterday and when the optician looked into my eye she said she could see a small lump that looks like a blister at the back on my retina but couldn't tell me what it was as she'd never seen anything like it before. She sent me on to the hospital to see an opthamologist who said it looks like the layers at the back of my eye are elevated and she could not tell me any more but they are going to do more tests. She also said she does not think the flickering vision is related to what's in my eye which I think is ridiculous. i have to wait for an appointment which could take up to four weeks. Please can anyone tell me if they have ever experienced anything or heard of anything like this before or know what this might be?

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I had the same after the dog bounced it's ball (not hard) into my eye. Doc said it was a very small retinal tear and it healed itself after a few days.


thats what the optician first thought it was but on the second look she said it looked like a small bubble in the eye. I am really worried about it and hate having to wait so long to find out whats going on!. Its really frustrating too always seeing the flickers. :- (


i know this was a long time ago but did you get this figured out? how long did you have it for all together?


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