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Has anyone had problems with lithium and sumatriptan?

Hi there, I suffer with chronic hemiplegic migraine and cluster headaches. I am on various preventer drugs but a few weeks ago started lithium at 400mgs for cluster prevention. When I next injected sumatriptan I had massive chest pain, difficulty breathing, standing and low blood pressure. I had to be taken to A&E till I stabilised. Has anyone else found this with the two together and do they know if there is an abortive alternative? Many thanks.

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those are the symptons with iinjected sumatriptan it is very scary for 20 minutes or so and the prescribing pyhsician should have warned you, a lot of peple dont/wont use it because of it.

have you been on the NATIONAL MIGRAINE CENTRE f.b site as they have a lot of info on meds ad side effects and offer a lot of support online.

good luck


Sumatriptan ( nasal) makes me sick every time i use, after about 10 -15 mins.


I also suffer with hemiplegic migrane, I was given sumatriptan, unfortunately this kind of triptan did not work for me, it made me very sleepy. I found that I felt a little worse when it wore off like a hangover. It can not suit everyone.


Thanks very much for your answers I appreciate the time you have taken. I have been using sumatriptan for about 5 years now without a problem so it has only been with the lithium I have had an effect. andyt267 you might want to try the injections if you can as the nasal type make me sick too but the injections were fine.


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