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My greatest fear

I get migraines infrequently. I can go years without one but when I do get one they are always debilitating, very severe with an unbearable headache, nausea etc.I need to lie down in the dark. My greatest fear is that I get one on a flight where there is nowhere to go, bright lights, noise and food smells which cannot be avoided. I just don't know what I would do if this happened. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do?

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Hi there, the most important thing you can do is reducing your triggers in the days leading up to the flight. This factsheet should give some pointers Obviously carrying rescue medication that you know is effective and taking it immediately is also key if Plan A fails! Hope this helps a little. The clinic is always available if you think your rescue medication needs adjusting or if you need help addressing triggers, go to to request an appointment.


I do not have any identifiable triggers and having tried all medications none of which work cannot take effective.


I understand your fear, my only suggestion is to check out the kindest looking flight crew member and warn them of your worries. they may say if it happens they would move you to a quiet area (ist class maybe) put a curtain up etc. This might be enough to relax you, so that you wont get one. Happy flying!


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