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Has anyone tried Daylight bulbs?

In my previous job in a charity helping visually impaired people, i used to sell the day light bulbs as these were the best for visually impaired people to see with, well i was getting an increase in my migraines and with in our building a few people triled then in their office and i noticed that i preferred them and I eventually got them installed in the office (you can get daylight bulbs as normal bulbs or as the office strip lights) and i noticed my eyes were far more comfortable and my migraines decreased so i thought i'd share this with everyone and see if they have helped anyone else.

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I always have trouble with normal lights they increase the chance of migraine greatly. I have not heard of daylight bulbs. Thank you for your post hopefully I can look into it a buying some. Hopefully will help fend off migraines. Thanks.


We are all for saving the planet here at National Migraine Centre, but we know that many people find energy saving bulbs are the worst culprits. Have you noticed this?


How can you tell that a migraine came on due to the lighting rather than the miriad other triggers?


in my old job we ended up swapping the normal light tubes for daylight bulbs and they made such a difference they did cut the number of migraines and were also more comfortable on my eyes so I would most definitely recommend them to anyone.


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