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Does anyone suffer with migraines brought on by Scotopic sensitivity syndrome?

I am dyslexic but this wasnt dianosed until a few years ago. When I read, I get visual distortions but I was told a lot of dyslexic people have scotopic sensitivty syndrome, when I looked at what it was, I had all the symptoms of that which explain some of the reasons I get migraines. I thought it may help someone to mention this on this site incase anyone suffers like this but doesnt understand why.

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I have been diagnosed recently and believe there is a strong relationship. I have Irlen's lenses in some specs now and they help but don't prevent or cure. I don't know if I'm dyslexic or not but I have colitis and coeliac disease so my whole system is highly sensitised and fragile. I suggest you look at getting tested for Irlen's, properly at one of the regional centres and then get the coloured lenses to suit your needs. Reading is easier in my special specs. Good luck to you.


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