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Migraine Relief


Any natural or home remedies you guys are aware of that effectively relieve migraines?

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Hi Beautifulgirl01,

Every migraineur is different, but natural and at home remedies that help me are as follows: Ice applied to head & neck, cool strips, 4head headache stick, peppermint oil (applied to temples and a little under nose), acupressure bands (for nausea), neck stretching exercises, cold shower or cold swim, coffee (only when I have a migraine and only if it is appealing), cefaly device (it’s expensive though). None of these stop a migraine for me, but they can make it easier to deal with. Natural preventatives are 400mg riboflavin a day, magnesium malate or glycinate, feverfew. I also find my migraines are less intense when I eat a high in fresh vegetables, low dairy, vegetarian diet, sadly doesn’t help me with frequency.

Hope you get relief soon :-)

Thanks so much!

Hi nothing for me unfortunately, but have a look here:


I am currently taking CBD oil to see if it works. If so will post about it.

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