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Non stop migraine worry


Hi. For the past week I have been in bed with debilitating brutal migraines. (The changing weather here might be a factor). I pump myself full of Triptans and a prescription pain killer. One day it was twice in one day which is unusual for me. I feel numb and zobie like. Has anyone else slept all week? Last night I skept 12 hours. This all worries me of course. My migraine frequency increases as I age.

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So sorry you are feeling this way. Have you done all of the normal stuff. Made sure you eat good protein, ice on neck, sleep well. excessive water? My Neurologist has given me injectable Imitrix and it really works well! I can really tell when I take the first one and I get no where then I inje t the 2nd dose and most of the time it stops. If not I make an appt. and go in for an injection. I just started fevered and B2 2x daily.

Best of luck, get better soon.

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Yes I have tried everything. Frovatriptan is the onlything that works and a painkiller. I tried feverfew with no results. Thanks and best of luck to you as well.

Hi, I've been in a similar situation this week after a couple of weeks let up. It's so horrible, I'm completely knackered, but feel like it may be on the way out today after 7 days of hell. I hate triptans with a passion, and only take them as a last resort as they make me feel so wierd. I try to make do with slow release diclofenac and bucastem, with paracetamol thrown in when I can keep them down. I can't help much, but I do sympathize x

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Thank you for your support. It really helps to know someone out there can relate. I think the change in weather the past couple weeks has had me in turmoil. Glad you found relief. x

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I'm very affected by the weather too. The change in air pressure, light, temperature, humidity, you name it! I take Frovatriptan too, but I loathe it, I've tried so many varieties, also tried nasal spray and injectable types but not really much to choose. I'm just praying someone comes up with a cure/treatment soon, I've lost too much of my life to this cr*p x

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I’ve tried many varieties of triptans as well. When one doesn’t work any more I try another one. Been on Frova for years. I certainly hear you about hopefully there being a cure/treatment soon. It’s a shame we lose so many days to this debilitating pain. I try and make the most out of the good days. I hope you have more good than bad days. x

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