New hope on the horizon?

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  • This is the drug I'm impatiently waiting on. I'm so sick of botox at this point. And all the other crap that doesn't work.

  • Oh wow, really? Please do let us know when you start, how it goes & how you get it! Good luck😋

  • Will do! It's supposed to be so much safer than all the other meds. I can't wait.

  • Hey Peaches, this drug isn't being manufactured yet or licensed by NICE for the NHS - think we all have a long wait :-(

  • Hey Katherine! Yes I do think we have a bit of a wait unfortunately. My neurologist here in the states attended the annual national headache summit last month and said that for several reasons the drug companies that are developing these mess (I believe there are 3 or 4) won't give any info on when it will be released-like insider trading and the like. But everyone here is hoping for early 2018. There have been several local news reports on the topic here in my city since Eli Lilly is located here. I just hope they are right and it is approved soon and I'm crossing my fingers for free samples! :)

  • Ooh let's hope so!

  • Shame!

  • As far as I'm aware they are estimating NICE will look at it in May sort of time. Only thing is the first of the 4 doesn't seem to be for chronic migraines but the 2nd to come out has been tested on chronic migraineurs. So it's the 2nd one I'll be waiting for, I was arguing for Botox for 6 years before NICE finally signed it off so I'm used to waiting I guess!

  • Gosh yes, we do have to be patient don’t we?!!

  • I got it in the end but because of having children I haven't been able to have it for two years agghhhhhhh. I'll be able to have it again in about 8 months, enough time to have my last child and breast feed him for 6 months. For all I know by then this new drug might be available!

  • So did it work?!!

  • Botox halved my migraines I was having about 15 days a month before.

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