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Cluster headaches

Hi all, I've posted here before about my headaches. I finally got my appointment with the neurologist on Monday last week who has diagnosed cluster headaches. I suspected this was what I had as have all the symptoms but GP kept telling me it was migraine or sinus headache. I've been started on a low dose of verapamil which I've been taking for a week now. I've also been taking Naproxen for pain relief but been limiting it to two per week as I'm terrified of rebound headaches. The naproxen usually gives me two days of relief before the headaches return but the neurologist advised me that indometacin works better for these types of headache. Got these from the GP today. Does anyone have any experience of verapamil & indometacin working effectively for cluster headaches?

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So sorry to hear you have cluster headaches, I am in my ninth year with chronic CH. I have not heard of naproxen being used for our condition, the usual pain relief for clusters is high flow oxygen and/or sumatriptan injections - did your neurologist offer you these? Also I believe Indomethicin is more effective for hemicrania continua, not so much for clusters. You will find a wealth of information and support from the OUCH! UK website and FB page, pain free wishes x

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