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Migraines are getting worse?

Hello, it's nice to hear other peoples experience with migraines. I've had mone since I was 17 and I'm 23 now and my migraines are getting worse over time..lasting longer, more severe and also giving me really bad neck and shoulder pain. It really gets me down because I'll wake up and have one even after a good night's sleep! And not be able to functiom the rest of the day :/ does anyone have any advice? Before I pull my head off! Thanks

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Not sure what you have done so far, happy to pass on what has helped me. You may have done some or all of these.

Keep a diary of:

Triggers; Warning signs; Meds taken; Pain intensity (1 to 10 scale); Number of attacks; Duration of attacks.

My understanding is, if you experience more than 12 migraine days a month, then you have chronic migraines. If so, you could ask your GP for a referral to neurology or local migraine clinic.

Depending on where you live, you may get a botox injection or a Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) block injection. I had the GON injection in June and after 5 weeks my attacks reduced from 20 a month to 11 this past month. I have also found Magnesium supplement to be helpful.

I have written other posts on migraines which you should be able to access here if you want. I hope this info is useful, happy to answer other questions, if I can.

Kind regards,


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You might find the heal your headache book by David Bucholz helpful. It explains in easy to understand terms about trigger thresholds and what you can do to help with diet, meds etc

I'm not affiliated in any way with the book. I bought it years ago and people are still recommending it on my vestibular migraine forums!


I have suffered with migraine for about 20 years. I also find that magnesium helps. I take Milk Thistle too.

I get acupuncture regularly too.

I tend to try to avoid sugar & wheat. I avoid wheat for acid reflux but have noticed a few times that after I have wheat I get migraines.

Including beetroot & pineapple in my diet helps too. Also keep hydrated.

I find that if I follow a healthy diet and incorporate the above I get less migraines and when I get a migraine it's not as bad as they used to be or as prolonged and often taking Zomig will relieve it.


Thank you, I'll try the magnesium and was thinking fo trying some type of acupuncture as well as I've heard a few people saying it really helps. I try to keep a good healthy diet and I am really active too it can be really frustrating can't it. Wish you all the best x

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