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First experiences, advice?

Hey people. Looks good for advice here, I've recently turned 20 and had never experienced migraines however in the last few weeks I've had 3

On 2 occasions I was woken up in the early hours of the morning and within a hour of being awake, I ended up vomiting. The 3rd time I was working, I was speaking to a colleague and with no warning/signs I was in agonising pain, feeling nauseous, dizzy and had double vision.

Haven't seen a GP yet have a appointment booked, but any advice that would help in the meantime would be very appreciated.


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I had experiences like that at around about your age, this was due to me having an underlying condition - Hughes Syndrome/APS, and my reaction to the contraceptive pill. It is an autoimmune disease, often other family members have other autoimmune problems like Thyroid etc or Lupus, or miscarriages and at times blood clots at an early age. I am on Aspirin and it helps a lot. Come back to me if any of this sounds familiar. MaryF


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