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Ode to a migraine

Each and everyday I awaken always in pain, always pain.

Pain in my back and neck, in my shoulder and knee.

Aha! but today, there's yet another pain, it's a migraine!

A migraine that's just a kind of headache you tell me.

Let me see that's just a kind of headache you say.

NO it's a migraine, MIGRAINE, a headache is NOT the same.

Let me count the many, many ways, well my many ways.

Nausea, vertigo, auras, loss of vision, severe mind numbing pain.

Every sight, every sound, every smell attacks my entire body.

Now does that sound like the kind of headaches you get?

There is no escaping that pervasive, overwhelming agony.

And worse still, worse still, I'm not even out of my bed YET!


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Hi , I can't even remember what a headache is these days , whenever I get the slightest pain in my neck , left eye , it turns into a migraine .

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Yes yes you right that's is migraine I have all that 😐

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Well done Catmag!

It's so much more than just a headache & sometimes no headache at all but all the other weird stuff.


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