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Migraine sufferer

I had migraine for 4 days I was in very bad pain my husband has to take me to the ER was horrible throwing up and so I was there 4 almost 9 hours intel my pain was gone the Dr say that pain was coming from my neck I had a CT scan and didn't show nothing bad on my brain so far I have 2 days whit no headache

Y had a Physiotherapy treatment today I hope the headache don't come back

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Hello sorry to hear regarding your migraine .

I sometimes suffer for 3 or 4 days with sickness and severe pain .

I've had this for 18 years , yes the migraine starts from my neck too .

They don't seem to come up with an answer as yet to why this happens .

All I can say is keep your neck moving , for example if you are in a passengers seat , just make sure you keep moving your neck rather than being restricted in one position.

A specially long journeys .

Hope this helps .

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I think the pain maybe neck related.

Recently, I had symptoms of the start of a migraine. I lifted my head up and took slow deep breaths for a few minutes, and the pain reduced greatly. It must be the tension when the neck is hanging down.

These days, we spend a lot of time on our mobile phones, so the neck is not always in the best position. Give it a rest, now and again.

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Hi yes I agree, I always sleep with the window open too .


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